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I am Morgan. Born in Jersey. My vessel is 18 years. Homosexual ♀ I like to hackey sack. Skate. Paint. Create. Heal. Communicate.
I, the bull headed twins. Natural earth sign. i like meditation and chakra science. If you ever need someone. i am one some. Feel free to message me.

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Georgia Guidestones

The frightening and enigmatic Georgia Guidestones were recently updated with a stone tag that reads, β€œ2014”.

This strange monument sounds like the creation of an evil bad guy in a science fiction movie who wants to take over the world. However, these stones are very real and their most frightening declaration is, β€œMaintain humanity under 500,000,000 (five-hundred-million) in perpetual balance with nature.” There are currently 7,000,000,000 (seven-billion) people living on the planet. So, it seems whoever created these stones, which are written in eight languages, wants to murder a large majority of the planet.

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